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Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)


  • PhD theses
    • Aleksandr Vaskin (2020)
      Controlling Light Emission by Dielectric Metasurfaces
  • MSc. theses
    • Maximilian Weißflog (2019)
      Spontaneous parametric down conversion in GaAs nano antennas
    • Wenjia Zhou (2019)
      Investigation of optical coupling phenomena in silicon metasurfaces
    • Katsuya Tanaka (2019)
      Chiral bilayer dielectric metasurfaces
    • Yunus Denizhan Sirmaci (2018)
      Resonant photonic metasurfaces with strong and weak substrate interactions
    • Justus Bohn (2017)
      Coupling of quantum dot emission to dielectric metasurfaces integrated into a liquid crystal cell
    • Tobias Bucher (2017)
      Integration of MoS2 monolayers with dielectric nano antennas
  • BSc. theses
    • ...

Peer-reviewed articles

  • 2023
  • 2022
    • Lithium Niobate Meta-Optics A. Fedotova, L. Carletti, A. Zilli, F. Setzpfandt, I. Staude, A. Toma, M. Finazzi, C. De Angelis, T. Pertsch, D. N. Neshev, and M. Celebrano ACS Photonics 9, 3745-3763 (2022)External link
    • Direct Growth of Monolayer MoS2 on Nanostructured Silicon Waveguides A. Kuppadakkath, E. Najafidehaghani, Z. Gan, A. Tuniz, G. Q. Ngo, H. Knopf, F. J. F. Löchner, F. Abtahi, T. Bucher, S. Shradha, T. Käsebier, S. Palomba, N. Felde, P. Paul, T. Ullsperger, S. Schröder, A. Szeghalmi, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, U. Zeitner, A. George, A. Turchanin, and F. Eilenberger Nanophotonics 11, 4397-4408 (2022)External link
    • Near-field launching and mapping unidirectional surface plasmon polaritons using an automated dual-tip scanning near-field optical microscope Abbasirad, A. Barreda, Y. J. Chen, J. S. Huang, I. Staude, F. Setzpfandt, and T. Pertsch Photonics Research 10, 2628-2641 (2022)External link
    • Near-field interference map due to a dipolar emission near the edge of a monocrystalline gold platelet N. Abbasirad, A. Barreda, D. Arslan, M. Steinert, Y.-J. Chen, J.-S. Huang, I. Staude, F. Setzpfandt, and T. Pertsch Journal of Optics 24, 125001 (2022)External link
    • The impact of loss on high-Q resonant metasurfaces: A case study for heated a-Si: H A. Barreda, A. Kuppadakkath, L. Ghazaryan, Z. Gan, K. Koshelev, T. Bucher, T. Pertsch, A. George, A. Turchanin, A. Szeghalmi, Y. Kivshar, D.-Y- Choi, I. Staude, and F. Eilenberger Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 292, 108348 (2022)External link
    • Far‐Field Polarization Engineering from Nonlinear Nanoresonators M. A. Weissflog, M. Cai, M. Parry, M. Rahmani, L. Xu, D. Arslan, A. Fedotova, G. Marino, M. Lysevych, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, A. Miroshnichenko, G. Leo, A. A. Sukhorukov, F. Setzpfandt, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, D. N. Neshev Laser and Photonics Reviews 16, 2200183 (2022)External link
    • Tuning and switching effects of quasi-BIC states combining phase change materials with all-dielectric metasurfaces A. Barreda, C. Zou, A. Sinelnik, E. Menshikov, I. Sinev, T. Pertsch, and I. Staude Opt. Mater. Exp. 12, 3132-3142 (2022)External link
    • Towards perfect optical diffusers: Dielectric Huygens' metasurfaces with critical positional disorder D. Arslan, A. Rahimzadegan, S. Fasold, M. Falkner, W. Zou, M. Kroychuk, C. Rockstuhl, T. Pertsch, and I. Staude Advanced Materials 34, 2105868 (2022)External link
    • Acid–base responsive photoluminescence switching of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots coupled to plasmonic gold film using nanometer-thick poly [(2-diethylamino) ethyl methacrylate] layer M. Moradi, I. Staude, T. Pertsch, M. Jäger, U. S, Schubert Nanoscale 14, 12395-12402 (2022)External link
  • 2021
    • Investigation of a dipole emission near a dielectric metasurface using a dual-tip scanning near-field optical microscope N. Abbasirad, A. Barreda, D. Arslan, M. Steinert, S. Fasold, C. Rockstuhl, I. Staude, F. Setzpfandt, and T. Pertsch Nanophotonics 10, 4511-4522 (2021)External link
    • Applications of Hybrid Metal-Dielectric Nanostructures: State of the Art A. Barreda, F. Vitale, A. Minovich, C. Ronning and I. Staude Advanced Photonics Research 3, 2100286 (2021)External link
    • Metal, dielectric and hybrid nanoantennas for enhancing the emission of single quantum dots: A comparative study A. Barreda, S. Hell, M. A. Weißflog, A. Minovich, T. Pertsch and I. Staude  J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transf. 276, 107900 (2021)External link
    • Multi-responsive dielectric metasurfaces C. Zou, C. Amaya, S. Fasold, A. A. Muravsky, A. A. Murauski, T. Pertsch, and I. Staude ACS Photonics 8, 1775–1783 (2021)External link
    • Ultrafast All-Optical Diffraction Switching Using Semiconductor Metasurfaces P. Vabishchevich, A. Vaskin, N. Karl, J. Reno, M. B. Sinclair, I. Staude, and I. Brener Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 211105 (2021)External link
    • Photon Pairs from Resonant Metasurfaces T. Santiago-Cruz, A. Fedotova, V. Sultanov, M. A. Weißflog, D. Arslan, M. Younesi, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, F. Setzpfandt, and M. V. Chekhova Nano Lett. 21, 4423–4429 (2021)External link
    • One-Dimensional p-n Junction Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices from Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Lateral Heterostructures Grown by One-Pot Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis E. Najafidehaghani, Z. Gan, A. George, T. Lehnert, G. Q. Ngo, C. Neumann, T. Bucher, I. Staude, D. Kaiser, T. Vogl, U. Hübner, U. Kaiser, F. Eilenberger, A. Turchanin Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2170198 (2021)External link
    • Manipulation of quantum dot emission with semiconductor metasurfaces exhibiting magnetic quadrupole resonances A. Vaskin, S. Liu, A. Sadhvikas, P. P.Vabishchevich, M. Zilk, Y. Yang,G. Balarishnan, M. B. Sinclair, T. Pertsch, I. Brener, and I. Staude Opt. Express 29, 5567-5579 (2021)External link
    • Photoluminescence Switching of CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Toward Sensing Applications Triggered by Thermoresponsive Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) Films on Plasmonic Gold Surfaces M. Moradi, A. Vaskin, I. Staude, M. Jäger, J. Elbert, and U. S. Schubert ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 4, 2386-2394, (2021)External link
    • Hybridization of dielectric metasurfaces with chemical vapor deposition grown MoS2 monolayers for enhanced second-harmonic generation F. J.F. Löchner, A. George, K. Koshelev, T. Bucher, E. Najafidehaghani, A. Fedotova, D. Y. Choi, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, Y. Kivshar, A. Turchanin, and F. Setzpfandt ACS Photonics 8, 218–227 (2021)External link
    • Giant persistent photoconductivity in monolayer MoS2 field-effect transistors A. George, M. V. Fistul, M. Gruenewald, D. Kaiser, T. Lehnert, R. Mupparapu, C. Neumann, U. Hübner, M. Schaal, N. Masurkar, A. L. M. Reddy, I. Staude, U. Kaiser, T. Fritz, A. Turchanin npj 2D Materials and Applications 5, 15 (2021)External link
  • 2020
  • 2019
    • Tunable Dielectric Metasurfaces & Metadevices (Chapter 7)
      C. Zou, I. Staude, D. Neshev
      in "Dielectric Metamaterials - Fundamentals, Designs, and ApplicationsExternal link" edited by I. Brener, J. Valentine, C. Holloway, I. Staude and S. Liu, Woodhead Publishing, Series in Electronic and Optical Materials, Elsevier (2019)
    • Low-power absorption saturation in semiconductor metasurfaces
      V. Zubyuk, P. Vabishchevich, M. Shcherbakov, A. Shorokhov, A. Fedotova, S. Liu, G. Keeler, T. Dolgova, I. Staude, I. Brener, A. Fedyanin,
      ACS Photonics 6, 2797 (2019)External link
    • Beyond dipolar Huygens' metasurfaces for full phase coverage and unity transmittance
      A. Rahimzadegan, D. Arslan, D. Dams, A. Groner, R. Alaee, I. Fernandez-Corbaton, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, C. Rockstuhl,
      Nanophotonics 9, 75 (2019)External link
    • Second harmonic generation in monolithic lithium niobate metasurfaces
      L. Carletti, C. Li, J. Sautter, I. Staude, C. De Angelis, T. Li, D. N. Neshev
      Optics Express 27, 33391 (2019)External link
    • Controlling second-harmonic diffraction by nano-patterning MoS2 monolayers
      F. Löchner, R. Mupparapu, M. Steinert, A. George, Z. Tang, A. Turchanin, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, F. Setzpfandt
      Optics Express 27, 35475 (2019)External link
    • Interaction of semiconductor metasurfaces with short laser pulses: from nonlinear-optical response towards spatiotemporal shaping
      M. Shcherbakov, F. Eilenberger, and I. Staude
      Journal of Applied Physics 126, 085705 (2019)External link
    • Dispersion-engineered nanocomposites enable achromatic diffractive optical elements
      D. Werdehausen, S. Burger, I. Staude, T. Pertsch, M. Decker
      Optica 6, 1031 (2019)External link
    • Light-Emitting Metasurfaces
      A. Vaskin, R. Kolkowski, A. F. Koenderink, I. Staude
      Nanophotonics, 8, 1151 (2019)External link
    • Tailoring Directional Scattering of Second-Harmonic Generation from (111)-GaAs Nanoantennas
      J. D. Sautter, L. Xu, A. Miroshnichenko, M. Lysevych, I. Volkovskaya, D. A. Smirnova, R. Camacho-Morales, K. Z. Kamali, F. Karouta, K. Vora, H. H. Tan, M. Kauranen, I. Staude, C. Jagadish, D. N. Neshev, M. Rahmani
      Nano Letters 19, 3905 (2019)External link
    • Dielectric metasurfaces for distance measurements and three-dimensional imaging
      C. Jin, M. Afsharnia, R. Berlich, S. Fasold, C. Zou, D. Arslan, I. Staude, T. Pertsch, F. Setzpfandt
      Advanced Photonics 1, 6001 (2019)External link
    • Resonant Dielectric Metasurfaces - Active Tuning and Nonlinear Effects
      C. Zou, J. Sautter, F. Setzpfandt, I. Staude
      J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 52, 373002 (2019)External link
    • Electrically Tunable Transparent Displays for Visible Light Based on Dielectric Metasurfaces
      C. Zou, A. Komar, S. Fasold, J. Bohn, A. A. Muravsky, A. A. Murauski, T. Pertsch, D. N. Neshev and I. Staude
      ACS Photonics 6, 1533 (2019)External link
    • Tailoring photoluminescence from MoS2 monolayers by Mie-resonant metasurfaces
      T. Bucher, A. Vaskin, R. Mupparapu, F.J. F. Löchner, A. George, K. E. Chong, S. Fasold, C. Neumann, D.-Y. Choi, F. Eilenberger, F. Setzpfandt, Y. S. Kivshar, T. Pertsch, A. Turchanin, I. Staude
      ACS Photonics 6, 1002 (2019)External link
    • All-dielectric meta-optics lightens up
      I. Staude, T. Pertsch, Y. Kivshar
      ACS Photonics 6, 802 (2019)External link
    • Manipulation of magnetic dipole emission from Eu3+ with Mie-resonant dielectric metasurfaces
      A. Vaskin, S. Mashhadi, M. Steinert, K. Chong, D. Keene, S. Nanz, A. Abass , E. Rusak, D.-Y. Choi, I. Fernandez-Corbaton, T. Pertsch, C. Rockstuhl, M. Noginov, Y. Kivshar, D. Neshev, N. Noginova, I. Staude
      Nano Letters 19, 1015 (2019)External link
    • Disorder-Induced Phase Transitions in the Transmission of Dielectric Metasurfaces
      A. Rahimzadegan, D. Arslan, R. N. S. Suryadharma, S. Fasold, M. Falkner, T. Pertsch, I. Staude, C. Rockstuhl
      Physical Review Letters 122, 015702 (2019)External link
    • Controlled growth of transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers using Knudsen-type cells for the precursors
      A. George, C. Neumann, D. Kaiser, R. Mupparapu, U. Hübner, Z. Tang, A. Winter, I. Staude, A. Turchanin
      Journal of Physic: Materials 2, 016001 (2019)External link
    • Integration of atomically thin layers of transition metal dichalcogenides into high-Q, monolithic Bragg-cavities - an experimental platform for the enhancement of optical interaction in 2D-materials
      H. Knopf, N. Lundt, T. Bucher, S. Höfling, S. Tongay, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, I. Staude, U. Schulz, C. Schneider, and F. Eilenberger
      Opt. Mater. Exp. 9, 598 (2019)External link
  • 2018
    • Optical Antennas (Chapter 4)
      C. Zou, W. Withayachumnankul, I. Staude, C. Fumeaux
      in Antenna Analysis and Design: Volume 2 Electromagnetic WavesExternal link (2018)
    • Analyzing the polarization response of a chiral metasurface stack by semi-analytic modelling
      J. Sperrhake, M. Decker, M. Falkner, S. Fasold, T. Kaiser, I. Staude, T. Pertsch
      Optics Express 27, 1236 (2018)External link
    • Nonlinear Frequency Conversion in Optical Nanoantennas and Metasurfaces: Materials Evolution and Fabrication
      M. Rahmani, G. Leo, I. Brener, A. Zayats, S. Maier, C. De Angelis, H. Tan, V. F. Gili, F. Karouta, R. Oulton, K. Vora, M. Lysevych, I. Staude, L. Xu, A. Miroshnichenko, C. Jagadish, D. Neshev
      Opto-Electronic Adv. 1, 180021 (2018)External link
    • Light Emitting Metasurfaces: simultaneous control of spontaneous emission and far-field radiation
      S. Liu, A. Vaskin, S. Addamane, B. Leung, M.-C. Tsai, Y. Yang, P. Vabishchevich, G. Keeler, G. Wang, X. He, Y. Kim, N. Hartmann, H. Htoon, S. Doorn, M. Zilk, T. Pertsch, G. Balakrishnan, M. Sinclair, I. Staude, I. Brener
      Nano Letters 18, 6906 (2018)External link
    • A design of broadband achromatic dielectric metalens for linear polarization in the near-infrared spectrum
      Z. Zhang, Z. Cui, Y. Liu, S. Wang, I. Staude, Z. Yang, M. Zhao
      OSA Continuum 1, 882 (2018)External link
    • Design rules for customizable optical materials based on nanocomposites
      D. Werdehausen, I. Staude, S. Burger, J. Petschulat, T. Scharf, T. Pertsch, M. Decker
      Opt. Mater. Exp. 8, 3456 (2018)External link
    • Boosting third-harmonic generation by a mirror-enhanced anapole resonator
      L. Xu, M. Rahmani, K. Zangeneh Kamali, A. Lamprianidis, L. Ghirardini, J. Sautter, R. Camacho-Morales, H. Chen, M. Parry, I. Staude, G. Zhang, D. Neshev, A. Miroshnichenko, Light: Sci. Appl. 7, 44 (2018)External link
    • An all-dielectric metasurface as a broadband optical frequency mixer
      S. Liu, P. P. Vabishchevich, A. Vaskin, J. L. Reno, G. A. Keeler, M. B. Sinclair, I. Staude, I. Brener
      Nature Communications 9, 2507 (2018)External link
    • The Role of Liquid Ink Transport in the Direct Placement of Quantum Dot Emitters onto Sub-Micron Antennas by Dip-Pen Nanolithography
      F. Dawood, J. Wang, P. A. Schulze, C. J. Sheehan, M. R. Buck, A. M. Dennis, S. Majumder, M. Ticknor, I. Staude, I. Brener, N. A. Amro, and J. A. Hollingsworth
      Small 14, 1870144 (2018)External link
    • Active tuning of spontaneous emission by Mie-resonant dielectric metasurfaces
      J. Bohn, T. Bucher, K. Chong, A. Komar, D. Neshev, Y. Kivshar, T. Pertsch, I. Staude
      Nano Letters 18, 3461 (2018)External link
    • Polarization-Dependent Second Harmonic Diffraction from Resonant GaAs Metasurfaces
      F. Löchner, A. Fedotova, S. Liu, G. Keeler, G. Peake, S. Saravi, M. Shcherbakov, S. Burger, A. Fedyanin, I. Brener, T. Pertsch, F. Setzpfandt, I. Staude
      ACS Photonics 5, 1786 (2018)External link
    • Disorder-enabled pure chirality in bilayer plasmonic metasurfaces
      S. Fasold, S. Linß, T. Kawde, M. Falkner, M. Decker, T. Pertsch, I. Staude
      ACS Photonics 5, 1773 (2018)External link
    • Directional and Spectral Shaping of Light Emission with Mie-Resonant Silicon Nanoantenna Arrays
      A. Vaskin, J. Bohn, K. Chong, M. Zilk, T. Bucher, D. Choi, D. Neshev, T. Pertsch, and I. Staude
      ACS Photonics 5, 1359 (2018)External link
  • 2017
  • 2016